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Tulsi Gabbard

HI-2 (D)
Congressmember Tulsi Gabbard was elected to Congress for Hawai'i's 2nd District in 2012. A passionate environmentalist, she started an environmental non-profit as a teenager, and served two deployments in the Middle East in the Army National Guard. Tulsi is one of only two female combat veterans in the House and the first Hindu elected to Congress. She embodies the Aloha spirit unique to Hawai'i.
How does Tulsi align with Project 100's values?
  • Economic Opportunity: Congressmember Gabbard supports green jobs and is an advocate of affordable housing.
  • Equal Treatment Under the Law: Congressmember Gabbard supports criminal justice reform. She fights for LGBT rights and the rights of native Hawai'ians to determine their own future.
  • Healthy People & Communities: While Congressmember Gabbard supports the Affordable Care Act as a first step, she believes all Americans should have access to health care through Medicare or a public option. She advocates sensible gun control, and supports a woman's right to choose.
Background information
  • Business Leader
  • Woman of Color
  • Veteran
  • Ceiling Crasher
  • Incumbent
Tulsi Gabbard has been endorsed by the following organizations:
  • Democratic Party

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