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Mikie Sherrill

NJ-11 (D)
Current office holder: Rodney Frelinghuysen (R)
Mikie is a Naval Academy graduate, Navy Pilot and former federal prosecutor who believes this nation can do better. She wants to fight back against Donald Trump and fight for the nation's future. She believes President Trump's impulsive behavior threatens not only national security, but women's rights. Mikie will fight to preserve the progress made during her lifetime and to ensure the security and equality of everyone, including her daughters.
How does Mikie align with Project 100's values?
  • Economic Opportunity: This candidate’s stance on this issue area is currently unknown.
  • Equal Treatment Under the Law: This candidate’s stance on this issue area is currently unknown.
  • Healthy People & Communities: Mikie believes that repealing the Affordable Care Act and putting the insurance industry back at the helm of health care would be disasterous. She also believes we can’t allow current politicians to cut off funding for Planned Parenthood.
Background information
  • Veteran
  • Swing District
Mikie Sherrill has been endorsed by the following organizations:
  • EMILY's List

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