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Jennifer Wexton

VA-10 (D)
Current office holder: Barbara Comstock (R)
Jennifer Wexton has worked as a public servant for the people of Northern Virginia for nearly two decades as a prosecutor, an advocate for children and most recently as a legislator in the Virginia State Senate. During her time in the State Senate, she has supported legislation to make children safer, combat the heroin and opioid epidemic, increase access to health care, prepare children for the jobs of the future, and bring more businesses and jobs to Virginia. She has a passion for protecting others, which is why she ran for State Senate, and the reason she's now running for Congress.
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How does Jennifer align with Project 100's values?
  • Economic Opportunity: Jennifer believes in better preparing children for the jobs of the future. During her time as State Senator she has also worked hard to help bring more business and jobs to Northern Virginia.
  • Equal Treatment Under the Law: This candidate’s stance on this issue area is currently unknown
  • Healthy People & Communities: Jennifer believes in increased access to health care. She has also fought to pass legislation to combat the heroin and opioid epidemic.
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