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Jahana Hayes

CT-5 (D)
Current office holder: Elizabeth Esty (D)
Jahana is inspired by the people in her community who have become disengaged because they struggle to see themselves reflected in the narrative. She's running because she sees herself in every student, teacher, mom, sister, daughter, neighbor, and friend she meets, and their story is her story. She wants to earn the trust of the people in the 5th district of Connecticut and be the person to carry their concerns to Washington.
How does Jahana align with Project 100's values?
  • Economic Opportunity: Jahana supports raising the minimum wage and is committed to working to close the gender pay gap and addressing dispariteis that make the gap even larger for black and Latina women. She will be a vocal advocate for public education adn will work to make college more affordable for all students.
  • Equal Treatment Under the Law: Jahana will be committed to addressing the equity gap that exists in the district. She will work to ensure that the language of our legislation protects the human and civil rights of all people. She will fight against racism, xenophobia, classism, economic discrimination, housing discrimination, sexism, homophobia, religious and political persecution, and the abuse of any civil liberties that threaten our democratic society.
  • Healthy People & Communities: Whether working to preserve the environmental treasures of the 5th district or fighting to combat the effects of climate change, Jahana will be a strong voice and vote to protect, preserve, and enhance the environment. She will fight every day in Congress to promote and pass common sense legislation to prevent gun violence. She supports moving towards a single-payer healthcare system, lowering prescription drug costs, and making healthcare more affordable.
Background information
  • Open Seat
  • Woman of Color
  • Educator

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