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Elaine Luria

VA-2 (D)
Current office holder: Scott Taylor (R)
Elaine served her country in the Navy for 20 years with the philosophy: Be Good. Do Good Work. She sees this simple but powerful message lacking in Washington today. In Congress, Elaine plans to use her experience in the Navy and as a small business owner to protect our country and create an economy that works for everyone - not just those at the top. Elaine is running for Congress to fight for the families of coastal Virginia. The core values of Security, Equality, and Prosperity will serve as her compass in representing the people of Virginia's 2nd district.
How does Elaine align with Project 100's values?
  • Economic Opportunity: Elaine will work to ensure that every woman and every person of color has equal access to capital and receives equal pay for equal work. She believes every child should have access to a quality public education so that they have the tools they need to succeed later in life. She will work to give all Americans access to jobs with living wages and benefits so that every family can build and save for future generations.
  • Equal Treatment Under the Law: Equality is one of the core values of Elaine's campaign and platform. She will work to guarantee that all people are treated equitably, regardless of sex, gender identity, race, religion, or sexual orientation.
  • Healthy People & Communities: Elaine will work to make reliable and affordable choices in healthcare available to all and to ensure that every woman has the autonomy to make their own healthcare choices and has access to quality reproductive healthcare. She believes we must protect our environment so that we as well as future generations can breathe fresh air and drink clean water. Her approach to preventable gun violence is to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn't have them, like domestic abusers, terrorists, the mentally ill, and violent criminals. She supports repealing the Dickey Amendment tso that the CDC can research solutions to gun violence, passing universal background checks, banning bump stocks, and prohibiting the sale of assault weapons.
Background information
  • Business Leader
  • Veteran
Elaine Luria has been endorsed by the following organizations:
  • EMILY's List

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