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Danielle Mitchell

TN-3 (D)
Current office holder: Chuck Fleischmann (R)
Dr. Danielle Mitchell is a physician and small business owner whose clinic serves nearly 1,300 people. The first to go to college in her family, Danielle grew up in a poor family that regularly had to depend on government resources to survive. As a doctor, she cares for Tennesseans and has seen first hand how an unethical health care system can prioritize private interests over what's best for people. As Tennessee's Third District Representative, she will listen to peoples' concerns, help find solutions, and get stuff done.
How does Danielle align with Project 100's values?
  • Economic Opportunity: Danielle will make sure that jobs pay all Tennesseans a living wage. She believes affordable education is the key to creating a productive, viable community that is self-reliant and successful.
  • Equal Treatment Under the Law: This candidate's stance on this issue area is currently unknown.
  • Healthy People & Communities: Danielle believes access to affordable healthcare should be a top priority for all Tennesseans. She will fight to decrease costs and explore solutions to end corrupt practices. Danielle will protect the environment because securing a healthy environment protects Tennessee industries and keeps you healthy.
Background information
  • Health Care Provider
  • Business Leader

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